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Annuitization Calculator

This calculator determines the minimum amount of your portfolio that it would be necessary to annuitize in order to utilize a certain withdrawal rate on the non-annuitized portion of your portfolio.

Please note that:

  • The calculator will give a nonsense answer if your inputs create a situation that’s impossible to satisfy (for example, if you request an income that’s greater than could be achieved even by annuitizing the entire portfolio), and
  • This calculator does not constitute investment advice.
Size of total portfolio (with no commas or dollar sign)

Desired annual income from the entire portfolio (with no commas or dollar sign)

Withdrawal rate on non-annuitized portion of portfolio (Without a percent sign. For example, a 3.5% withdrawal rate would be entered as “3.5”.)

Payout on a fixed lifetime SPIA with inflation-adjustments (As a percent, but without a percent sign. For example, if, based on a quote from an annuity provider, you could currently purchase a $100,000 SPIA that would provide $6,500 of income per year, that would be a 6.5% payout, which you would enter as “6.5”.)

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