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Housekeeping Question: “Please Subscribe” Lightbox

Just a quick bit of housekeeping this morning.

I use a plugin that shows a message the first time you visit my site asking you to subscribe for email updates. When working as intended, it shows up once, and it gives you a cookie so that it never shows again for the next 365 days, regardless of whether or not you subscribed.

On each of the browsers I use, it seems to work just fine. But I’ve gotten a couple reports this weekend that the message is showing on every pageview for older versions of IE as well as at least one version of Chrome.

That’s definitely not the intention.

Two Questions for You

If any of you could provide me with some information, it would go a long way toward getting this fixed:

  • Is the message showing just once for you? Or does it show on every single pageview?
  • What browser (and version) do you use? And do you have it set to accept cookies? (If your browser is set to reject cookies, the message will show on every pageview, even when it’s working properly.)

Thanks! And Happy Halloween! 🙂

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  1. The message shows on every page for me. I’m using Firefox 3.6.12 and I have it set to accept cookies.

  2. I use IE 8 and I am not getting the subscription message.

  3. Using Firefox, setting deletes cookies upon exit. Getting the lightbox on every visit. Don’t like the in-your-face lightbox but you get a pass. If others do this to me, I’ll visit them less often.

  4. michale murphy says

    Only shown once. Use IE

  5. Chrome, and yes I have seen this box more and more recently. Wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it didn’t take over the screen about 3 seconds after i start reading! 🙂

  6. Hi Mike,
    I use Chrome and I am getting the message on every page (except for the pages I click through at the top of the page?? I get the pop up on every other page if I click on the post link.)

  7. Thank you, everybody, for your feedback! I quite appreciate it.

    Seems to be that Chrome and IE 7 don’t like it. Firefox sometimes is an issue, but I can’t figure out exactly why. I got conflicting reports from people using the same exact version.

    Now to figure out what’s going on….

  8. I was seeing it with Chrome 7.0.517.41 on every page until very recently. It wasn’t that big of a deal to click it away, but it did take a couple of seconds away from reading the blog.

  9. I use mostly firefox 3.5.15, (occasionally Opera 10, Chrome v6) .. all portable versions.
    Addons in Firefox:
    – Ad-block plus (with easylist for US)
    – Flashblock
    – Better Privacy

    Firewalls: Comodo & Peerblock

    Several internet security websites I have read do recommend clearing most cookies + LSOs when shutting down the browser. I wonder if putting the oblivious investor cookie on the ‘whitelist’ would help?

    Any ideas?

  10. Lucas and Joe: Thank you both for the information.

    For reference, the cookie’s name is “iOptinPopBox” in case that’s helpful for whitelisting the cookie to prevent the constant popping up (either on this site in case I reactivate the plugin, or on anybody else’s site who uses the same plugin).

    Based on analytics data and reports of which browsers the plugin has issues with, it appears that ~24% of visitors to this site must be seeing the popup on every pageview –a minority, certainly, but not a small minority.

    So for now, while I figure out what’s going on, I’ve disabled the plugin. So it shouldn’t be an issue at the moment, regardless of browser.

  11. Thanks for the tip on whitelisting the cookie. It is a little tricky in Firefox 3.5 compared to older versions. I have not gone to 3.6 due to some addons not working properly with the most current version.

    This Mozilla webpage shows how to manage cookies in recent versions of Firefox:

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