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Investing Blog Roundup: Can I Retire Yet?

I came across a blog this week that I hadn’t encountered before. It’s called Can I Retire Yet, and its subject matter is mostly in keeping with the type of things we discuss here on Oblivious Investor. To kick things off, I thought I’d share a semi-controversial article from the blog:

In addition to the above find, there was an abundance of enjoyable investing-related articles this week. I hope you find some of them helpful.

Investing Articles

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  1. Mike

    Many thanks for that very excellent link!

    I have been slowly working on a retirement plan, basically a spreadsheet with merged time-lines for my wife and me, with all our key dates [59.5, 65, 66, 70.5, etc] for each of us, and when to start our various income streams [her pension, my pension, my SS, her SS, my RMD, her RMD…]. I have the schedule worked out and pretty good estimates for our pension and SS payouts, plus some [conservative] expectations for inflation, and the future returns for various asset classes, but we are fully aware that our actual retirement experience will definitely vary from The Plan!!!

    Also, I want to thank you for gathering all those passive investing blog links in one place for your readers! These are all my favorite reading, and you save us all from individual searches for each one [a certain financial website redesigned itself recently and a bunch of these links that used to be easy to find, all in one place, suddenly became almost invisible – certainly no improvement!].



  2. Jim,

    That sounds like a heck of a spreadsheet!

    And I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the roundups. And, if you’re talking about CBS News (formerly MoneyWatch), then I agree.

  3. Well, if I ever finish it…maybe. 😉

    I have the pension and SS payments staggered according to our ages, and a target income level for each year, adjusted by a fixed [historic] inflation rate into the future, and then I calculated the surplus or shortfall up to the year my wife turns 100.

    I have collected the IRS data for RMDs, and suggested expected returns for asset classes [suggested by Mr. Bogle], but I have not incorporated any of the supplemental retirement accounts, or the RMD/returns data into the spreadsheet yet.

    It is an interesting exercise, but we do not know when either of us will die, or what will really happen with inflation, or the markets, or *shudder* politics!

    I like having lots of different [at least potential] income streams, hopefully most of them will not dry up, or get “diverted”.

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