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Social Security Made Simple Updated, Free for Two Days

As I mentioned on Friday, the updated edition of my book about Social Security is now available on Amazon, and the Kindle edition is free to download (here) today and tomorrow (11/30 and 12/1).

The most significant revisions to the book deal with the changes made by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 earlier this month (i.e., the changes to the deemed filing and voluntary suspension rules). There are also a few smaller changes, such as including 2016 figures when available.

For those who have not read the book before, it covers a range of topics, such as:

  • How your Social Security retirement benefits, spousal benefits, and widow/widower benefits are calculated,
  • How your benefits are affected if you have a government pension or if you continue working while claiming Social Security,
  • How to decide when is the best age for you (and your spouse, if you’re married) to claim Social Security in order to get the most out of your benefits,
  • Whether or not it makes sense to take Social Security early in order to invest the money,
  • How to check your earnings record on the Social Security Administration’s website to make sure you’re getting the full benefit you deserve, and
  • How Social Security benefits are taxed and how this affects retirement tax planning.

Please Help Spread the Word!

If you know anybody else who would find the book helpful, please do mention it on social media or elsewhere. It would be great to see a large number of downloads in the next couple of days.

For People Who Have Previously Purchased the Kindle Edition

Important note: If you have already purchased the Kindle version of the book in the past, attempting to re-purchase and re-download the book will only result in you getting the old edition again. Instead, you’ll want to go to the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page on Amazon, find Social Security Made Simple in your collection, and click the “update” button.

Kindle Not Necessary

Just in case you are new to Kindle books: It is not necessary to own an actual Kindle device in order to read a Kindle book. In addition to being readable on tablets or smartphones, they can be read on a normal PC or Mac using freely downloadable software (here).

There is also no need for the “Kindle Unlimited” type of account that Amazon is promoting.

Want to Learn More about Social Security? Pick Up a Copy of My Book:

Social Security cover Social Security Made Simple: Social Security Retirement Benefits and Related Planning Topics Explained in 100 Pages or Less
Topics Covered in the Book:
  • How retirement benefits, spousal benefits, and widow(er) benefits are calculated,
  • How to decide the best age to claim your benefit,
  • How Social Security benefits are taxed and how that affects tax planning,
  • Click here to see the full list.

A Testimonial from a Reader on Amazon:

"An excellent review of various facts and decision-making components associated with the Social Security benefits. The book provides a lot of very useful information within small space."
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