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Two Free Books About Retirement

Just two brief announcements for today:

First, the 2013 edition of my book Can I Retire? is now available, and from now through Wednesday, the Kindle version is available free of charge, and the print version is just $5 on Amazon.

In addition, fellow blogger Darrow Kirkpatrick’s new book Retiring Sooner is available free as a Kindle book (and $5 as a print book) through Wednesday.

About Darrow’s Book

For those of you who haven’t yet come to recognize the name from my weekly roundups, Darrow Kirkpatrick is one of my favorite personal finance bloggers. He’s not a financial professional. Rather, he’s simply a normal guy who did all the right things to retire early (at age 50).

Darrow’s new book is a very nuts-and-bolts guide for how to follow in his footsteps and retire well ahead of the typical schedule.

Click here to see Darrow’s book on Amazon and download the free Kindle version.

About the New Edition of Can I Retire?

The changes to Can I Retire? include:

  • Updates to reflect changes in tax law,
  • Brief discussions throughout the book of how today’s low interest rates affect various retirement planning decisions,
  • An additional section (originally shared here on the blog) about how to decide how much of a portfolio to devote to an annuity and when to do so, and
  • A reworking of the discussion of asset allocation to place more emphasis on the idea that there is no single best allocation for a given investor, but rather a range of perfectly reasonable allocations. (Wednesday’s article will discuss the reason behind this change in a bit more depth.)

Click here to see the new edition of Can I Retire? on Amazon and download the free Kindle version.

Answers to Questions

I don’t own a Kindle. Can I still read the Kindle edition somehow?

Yes. There’s no need to own a Kindle to read a Kindle book. They can be read using free software on a regular PC or Mac.

I’ve already read the prior edition. Should I buy this one too?

Overall, it’s the same book with the same message, so there’s probably no need to buy it again. (On the other hand, for a price of zero, there’s little reason not to pick up the Kindle version.)

Can I tell other people about the promotion?

Please do.

I already have the old edition on my Kindle. How do I update it to the new edition?

Before buying the new one, you’ll have to delete the old edition from your Kindle and from your Kindle account on Amazon. To delete an item from your Kindle account:

  • On Amazon go to the “Your Account” page,
  • Click on “Manage Your Kindle” in the “Digital Content” section, and
  • Click the “actions” drop-down menu for the book in question and choose “delete from library.”

I hope you find the books helpful! Here are the links one more time:

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